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Frequently asked questions

Do I stop using my shower?

If the shower is causing damage to your home by leaking then Yes, it is time to stop using the shower. Although in most cases it is usually quite a gradual leak so therefore the difference will be minimal between the time we quote to the time the work is completed so it is certainly not needed, especially if you only have one shower.
Once the shower has been re-grouted it will be 24 hours before it can be reused.

Do I change my shower screen before or after we do the job?

If you want to have your shower screen replaced it is recommended to have this done prior before ongoing our grout works.

How long does the Grout Replacement work usually take?

Our standard shower re-grouts, We allow 4-6 hours but it can change depending on how hard or soft the grout is to remove also the size of the tiles or width of the grout joints.

Are your product mould resistant?

Yes, all our Grout & Silicone products are mould resistant? However maintenance and aftercare cleaning is essential upon completion of our work.

Do you clean tiles aswell as grout?

Yes! GROUT CLEANING PERTH does provide cleaning services, we specialize in Grout Replacements & Deep Cleaning Tiles and Grout.

Having trouble getting in touch with us contact our customer service team?

You can call us on (Write here) email us or find us on facebook.


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Payments Accepted



All payments will be required to be paid upon completion via EFTPOS,CASH,CARD/PAYPAL. 

Customer's will be notified prior before arriving to the job & commencing work.